Hard Water and Mineral Stain Removal

We can remove those stains left by sprinklers or ground water!

We can remove even the most difficult hard water stains. Our hard water stain removal services can save hundreds of dollars per window for each piece of glass when compared to glass replacement costs. Our processes for hard water stain removal are cost effective and efficient, and can be completed in any area.

Our hard water stain removal expertise will enable you to keep your glass aesthetically pleasing and protected. Need more information? Call us about hard water stain removal consulting and get the expertise you need to make an informed decision.

Homeowners and businesses alike love crystal clear glass windows, shower doors and at crystal clear mirrors. Hard water can add a dingy film to your glass as well as faucets, sinks and more.

If you have hard water deposits on the glass in your home you know how hard it can be to remove. Hard water is a mineral deposit that can build up and stain your glass, mirrors, sinks, floors and more. Dean’s Window Cleaning offers Hard water removal services and they can help you with your difficult cleaning tasks.

Shower doors can be difficult to keep clean in any circumstance but if you hard water into the mix you may find the task impossible. Also sprinklers may spray your windows causing hard water to build up on your windows. We have a specialized system for removing hard water stains from a variety of surfaces in your home.

You can see a hard water job we recently did here: http://www.deanswindowcleaning.com/portfolio-item/hard-water-stain-removal/