Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in the Boise area by Dean’s Window Cleaning!

Extend the life of your cedar shake roof with regular cleanings

Do you have a cedar shake roof on your home? If so, you may already be aware that the cost to replace it can be extremely high. Cedar is an attractive and durable wood that can last for decades if properly maintained. Unfortunately, many people end up replacing their entire cedar shake roof prematurely when all it needed was regular cleanings.

In the same way that you clean your teeth regularly to avoid buildup that can break down the enamel, you should have your cedar shakes cleaned to remove the moss, mold and fungi that grow on them. These infestations trap moisture against the wood which encourages rot and decay that can drastically reduce its lifespan.

You may be wondering if you really need your roof cleaned if it does not appear to have much moss or noticeable growth on it. Well, if your roof is discolored and is now a dirty gray rather than its original buff tan it may be covered in algae and mold. Again, these organic growths can deteriorate the surface of the wood and cause rot and decay.

Dean’s Window Cleaning is here to help you! We use a unique and effective method and our proprietary solution is nontoxic and non-caustic. We also include in our solution a citrus based cleaner as well as an algaecide, a mildewcide and a fungicide that break down the organic infestations that can deteriorate your roof. In addition, we use an oil that rehydrates the wood. We do not walk on your roof or use pressure washers as both of these actions can damage cedar shakes and cause leaks.

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