The Costs and Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

When you’re running a small business or housing complex, you will have several different expenses that you need to account for. Cleaning your windows is one of the things you’ll have to pay for. The two basic options are cleaning them yourself or hiring professionals to clean them. If you choose to clean them yourself or with the help of your employees, it might seem like the more cost-efficient choice. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Any time your employees are on the clock, you’re paying them. So, you’ll essentially be paying them to clean your windows. Here is how it works.

Paying Amateurs Like Professionals

Unless you run a window cleaning company, your employees are not going to be professional window cleaners. When you tell them to wash the windows, you’ll be paying them what you pay them for the work in which they specialize; however, they’ll be doing a job in which they are not very experienced. Therefore, you’ll be paying amateur window cleaners as if they were professionals. Furthermore, someone will then need to do the job for which your hired them or you’ll have to pay them to work longer hours. That means that you’ll essentially be paying them twice and risking your own business’s productivity. In most cases, that’s simply not worth it.

Hiring professional window cleaners can save you time and money.

Save Time and Money

When you hire professional window cleaners, they’ll be able to clean your windows without disturbing your daily work. That means they won’t affect your overall productivity. Furthermore, research has found that employees who work in clean environments are actually more productive. That means that hiring professional window cleaners can actually improve your productivity and boost your profits.

Difficult Windows

There are often windows at businesses that are difficult to access. They might be windows in awkward places, narrow spaces, or out of reach. If you work in a tall building, it can be difficult to get to all of the windows on your building. Professional window cleaners will have cherry pickers, scaffolding, and ladders to get to the windows. They’ll handle the most difficult tasks without bothering you or your employees.

In summary, it is in your best interest to hire professional window cleaners. They’ll do a better job than your employees could do, they’ll do it faster, and you will not lose any productivity. In fact, you might even get some increased productivity out of your employees.

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What Can You Learn From Professional Window Washers?

You can learn a lot about home improvement from professionals in similar fields. For example, you can learn about home repairs from the construction industry, plumbing from professional plumbers, and flooring from professional interior designers. You can also learn a lot about keeping your windows clean from professional window washers. They wash thousands of windows every month, and their business depends on them doing it quickly and effectively. Here is how they do it.

Buy Good Products

The first thing you should do is buy quality window washing products. You might be tempted to skimp on the products to save money; you’ll just create more headaches for yourself. A squeegee is the best option. The squeegee should have one side with a sponge-like head. The other side should be the actual rubber squeegee attachment. Make sure you buy a quality window cleaning liquid as well. You can even call a professional cleaning service and ask them which products they use. Oftentimes, they will have partnerships with professionals or will have their own line of products. In either case, you’ll get great equipment.

Wash Top to Bottom

You should wash the window top to bottom. Soap the window liberally. The soap will then start to run down the window. You can squeegee the soap off horizontally or vertically; if you choose to squeegee horizontally, make sure you start at the top. Dry off the squeegee after each pass along the window.

Water Repellent

Many window washers will then apply a water repellent to your windows. These are most commonly associated with car windshields. They will make water bead up on the surface and run off the window. That’s because glass has microscopic dents all over it. When you apply a layer of water repellent, it fills those dents. This means that water and dirt will not stick to your windows. They’ll dry faster and stay cleaner for longer. Once you’ve done all of this, your windows should be in great shape.

If you want to get your windows as clean as possible, get in touch with professional window washers. Ask them which products they use and what equipment they use. Lastly, apply a water repellent to your windows. Your windows can look like they were cleaned by a professional with very little effort. You’ll be happy that you took the extra step to plan ahead. You also won’t have to wash them nearly as often.

The Resurgence of Window Washing Jobs

For a long time, it seemed as if window washing jobs were destined to continue declining. As with many manual labor jobs in the 21st century, they were beginning to disappear from most cities. However, there has been a resurgence of window washing jobs lately. Why is that? What’s driving the increased demand for window washers? One major driving force is tech.

The Tech Industry

The tech industry is obviously known for innovative, modern, and contemporary ideas. That applies to more than just their technology; they also apply it to their buildings. For modern buildings, glass is as good as it gets. Skyscrapers such as Salesforce Tower, the headquarters for Salesforce, are being made with more and more glass. The increased amount of glass allows the building to reflect sunlight and shine like a beacon during the day. It also affords employees with natural sunlight.

Research has found that employees are happier and more productive when they can get natural sunlight. The tech companies pride themselves on keeping their employees happy and productive. That means that they do everything they can to increase that. Lastly, the glass allows them to save money on lighting. However, they have to keep it clean.

Cleaning a Skyscraper

To clean a skyscraper, window washers work in teams. They are hoisted up the side of the building in large baskets. Typically, the baskets have high railings, and they are strapped to the basket. They then wash from top to bottom vertically. Washing from top to bottom allows them to catch any drips as they run down the window. Washing a large skyscraper such as the Salesforce Tower can take a window washing team months.

That can take even longer if the weather gets bad. Every city and company are different but most of them have regulations about when they can and cannot work. Typically, they cannot work if the wind is too strong. Also, it’s not worthwhile to try to clean windows when it is raining hard or the temperature is below freezing.

The surging tech industry and their focus on productivity and innovation has led to an old industry becoming brand new. Now is a great time to get into window washing because those innovations tend to trickle down. Even if you don’t wash windows for massive skyscrapers, the innovation and trends they spark will eventually filter down to smaller businesses. Smaller companies, law firms, and so on will start using more glass.

When is the Best Time to Clean my Windows?

Living in a city with changing seasons you may be wondering when is the best time to clean your windows. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to schedule your window cleaning. First you really need to consider what you are wanting to get out of window cleaning. If you are looking at window cleaning as a required maintenance plan the answer is different than if you are wanting to know when to wash your windows to ensure they stay clean as long as possible. Nobody wants to wash their windows and have it rain the next day but eventually all sparkly windows will need a new scrub down.

Spring cleaning is a popular window washing period. The winter weather is slowly leaving and people are excited to open their windows and enjoy the freshness of spring. Window washing in this season is a popular for good reason, it really allows you to enjoy the sunnier days and warmer temperatures. Spring can bring rain showers which can be a concern. Clean rain storms will likely leave little mark on your windows but a windy rain storm can blow up dirt and cause your windows to become dirty again.

Party season is also a common time for window washing. If you are preparing your home for a party you will likely want to have everything sparkling and clean and window washing is a great way to achieve that. Graduation parties, weddings and other parties are often held during the summer months and having clear windows can make for an even more beautiful setting.

Fall is also a common time for window washing. The end of summer allows people to sit down and look at all the tasks they have put off during vacations and having the kids out of school. Window washing is likely something that was left on the back burner. Now that you have the time you will want to schedule a cleaning to ensure your windows get the care they need.

Summer is actually an ideal time to clean your windows weather wise. There is less weather to worry about and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your sparkling windows. The heat of summer can make it more challenging on the window washer but a skilled window cleaner can yield great results even in the heat of summer. Fall can be a good season for window washing as well. Fall typically has dry periods and less heat so the windows can be cleaned without the concern of the water drying before it can be squeegeed off.

If you are looking to keep your windows clean all year you will want to consider a cleaning schedule. Some people choose to have their windows cleaned for special occasions or annually. This is fine but will not yield beautiful windows all year long. A semi annual cleaning is also a good option and will give you decent results. Quarterly cleaning is the best choice and your windows will look clean nearly all the time. Monthly cleaning is ideal for ensuring the windows are cleaning all year and is a great service for commercial clients.

There is no wrong time to wash your windows. The best time to wash your windows ranges based on your needs and climate.

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