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Mastering Streak Free Windows-

Cleaning windows is a big task and many people choose to hire a professional. Window washers are great but you may not always be able to use a professional. Learning the techniques and tips to get streak free windows is a great way to maintain your windows between professional cleaning.

Cleaning glass requires a lot of elbow grease, the proper tools and the right technique.

The cleaning tools are very important and necessary to get the best finished product. A squeegee is a necessary tool when it comes to cleaning windows. Microfiber cloths are also important and do not leave behind lint. Newspaper is also helpful when washing windows and doesn’t leave behind lint like a paper towel. Coffee filters also work similarly to newspaper.

The technique for streak free windows-

Using a sponge or cloth dipped in cleaning solution to wipe the entire window is the first step. After the solution is on the window you will want to use the squeegee to remove the solution. Wiping the extra solution on the edge off with a sloth. When you use a squeegee you will want to work in a continuous motion from the top to the bottom. After each window you will need to wipe the squeegee off with a rag.

If you are using newspaper or coffee filters you will want to apply the solution with a spray bottle and wipe in horizontal or vertical strokes.

It is best to clean your window when it is overcast or when the sun is not directly shining on your window to prevent the solution from drying before you can wipe it.

Avoid abrasive cleaners on the windows, this can cause scratching to the glass. Also paper remnants from paper towels can cause your windows to look less clean. Always use a damp cloth or wet the glass to remove spots.

The best way to streak free windows is to hire a professional but when that isn’t an option this technique works well.

Hard Water Stains on Windows

Hard water build up in windows can be a big issue and very hard to clean up and remove. Minerals in the water can etch their way into the glass and make it very hard to be removed. A professional does have some techniques and tips to remove hard water even deposits that have gotten between the panes.

Water can get between the glass when the seals fail and moisture can gather between the panes. Sprinkles and other water can contain minerals that will later begin to collect. Water deposits can also gather on the outside of the glass and is commonly attributed to a rogue sprinkler.

There are some cleaners that are specifically designed to help with hard water deposits. Hard water stain treatments can be costly but they are cheaper than a new window. Window washers are a great resource for finding a good cleaner for removing water deposits and how to properly remove the deposits to not damage the glass.

Window washers know how to work with the cleaning products and can reach windows that are harder to reach without proper tools. You can also ask a window washer to help you with indoor glass that has deposits.

The steps for removing hard water include applying the solution, allowing it to sit and begin working and then rinsing it off. If the cleaner is a paste or has abrasives in it is important to not scrub it while on the windows or it can scratch or etch the glass.

Hiring professionals to clean your windows always yields the best results. Achieving streak free windows is not always easy but professionals yield streak free beautiful windows every time.


Which Chores are Best Left to the Professionals?

While we would all love to leave all our chores to professionals that can be costly. There are certain tasks it is easier to leave to a professional because they can be hard to perfect and dangerous to complete. These chores often get left undone because we are focusing on the tasks we can complete or just don’t know who to call.

A professional is the best choice for pressure washing. Pressuring washing can easily go awry if too much power is used. You could damage your home and even injure yourself. Too little pressure can leave the job half done. A professional has the right equipment and solutions for tough stains and different materials. Hiring a professional for this task can help it be completed properly and safely.

Gutter cleaning is best left to the professionals. Cleaning out gutters requires climbing on a latter and fishing disgusting substances from your gutters. It takes a lot of time and is gross. Gutters tends to fall into the out of sight out of mind category as well. Gutters may seem like a useless addition to your home but they are much more important than you realize. Gutters should be maintained twice a year and a professional will make quick work of the project.

Windows are another one to leave to the professionals. Window washing requires a lot more finesse and elbow grease then expected and also requires tall ladders and wet conditions. Washing windows may seem simple but when done wrong they can be streaky and even damaged by the wrong materials and technique. Learning to properly use a squeegee takes time and is really a skill. A window washing will leave your windows sparkling and clean every time.

These tasks are time consuming and potentially dangerous. A professional is a great way to ensure these necessary tasks are completed without risking life and limb. A window washer can set you up on a great cleaning program and you will be amazed how much brighter your world is with clean windows.